Monday, 5 September 2016

We are learning to find information from the text.

Life in Space Purple
By Helen Whitty and Kerrie Dougherty

We are learning to find information from the text.

Match the word or phrase with the meaning:

Orbit 1 Doesn’t have any weight  Light 4

Mission Control 2 The things/world around us. 3

Environment 3 Moving around the Earth. 1

Weightless 4 Tests to try out something to see what will happen. 5

Experiments 5 The place where all shuttle missions are monitored and controlled. 2

List 5 facts you found out from the text:

  1. Astronauts  eat  out of special containers.

2.   Astronauts sleep in strap beds.

3. Space shuttles  have toilets

4.The astronauts  have a lot of experiments to do.

5. The earth is really big

Where is astronaut Andy Thomas’s home country? South Australia

Why do astronauts need to relax sometimes?  What do you think they do? so they will puffed.

Read page 16.  Why do you think everyone is happy when the astronauts are back from space? Because they have completed a mishine.

REFLECTION I feel proud because I have dune a hep of work. to find information next time I need to get my words rite.

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